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Pest Control

We treat from property line to property line to deliver the best results. Inside treatments can be frequent or infrequent depending on the circumstance and severity of the infestation. One time or contracted Pest Control

Animal Exclusion

Ever wonder how critters get into your home.  We are one of the only companies that offer custom animal exclusion.  We will audit your home and show you where animals are breaking in, and we will cover each and every way that they can get in.

Termite COntrol

Termites are usually very harmful despite the fact that they are just small insects. The main reason why they are so harmful is that they come in hundreds and they can cause major damage in a short time.

Bird Control

Bird droppings can create a very negative environment in business.  Just picture someone walking around and having a nice present drop on the top of their head, or into a cup of coffee.

The Chase

We love the chase.  Just give us an idea what sort of varmint you have running loose in your home and you will see a big smile come on to our faces.  Let the chance begin.  We will take every care to be gentle with your home, but we will find the little menace that is banging around in your home uninvited. We are a  Pest | Critter | Bird Control Service | Spring Texas | Houston Texas

How much fun is this!

We love what we do.  We are all people who get up every day and just cannot wait to go out on our next call.  Everyone who works with us at Cypress Critters and Pests has expressed and shown us that they actually love taking care of our customers and working to make your pest and critter problems go away. We work in the Houston Texas, Woodlands Texas and Surrounding Areas.


After being told by another Critter Control company, that it was gong to cost $7,000 to rid my home of approximately 60-80 roof rats, whose presence in my home was probably causing irreparable health damage to me and my family, I decided to call around for more informaion. I got three other quotes which were all a small fraction of what the first Critter Control company wanted. Cypress Critters and Pests was my best offer and when you consider the customer service you are getting, you are getting a real DEAL. Michael and his wife are accommodating, down to earth, fun and above all else simply want to get anything the crawls out of your house (minus children and pets) and they pride themselves in doing just that. Scheduling was easy and I haven’t heard any other noises. And I know that if I did I could call them back and they would be right out immediately. Oh, and Michael informed me that there may be a few rats that got in but they haven’t been there very long and it’s not an infestation. As I was losing it thinking of rats in our house (just moved here from the Midwest and I’ve NEVER heard of anyone having roof rats though it’s pretty common around here) Michael quoted me for an antibacterial spray and clean up and said that he has referrals for people who could redo insulation but insisted that it was not necessary and that he wouldn’t recommend it. But of course he would be happy to do it if it made me feel more comfortable. That’s pretty upstanding in my book. Since moving here I’ve found very few companies which offer exceptional work and customer care. I have been full out scammed three times and I have felt like I can’t trust anyone. These guys you can trust. Give them a call.
Zachary Turner


Just had a really great experience with Cypress Critters and Pests. Mike came out today and did our first treatment. He was on time, courteous and very thorough (the other pest company was in/out in 20 minutes), but Mike stayed much longer (he went up into the attic, treated our soffits and every little nook and cranny). The treatment for fire ants and termites costs a little extra, but is good for a full year. The other thing I liked is that he said he would send me a text in 3 months and see if we wanted him to come out, but that if we didn’t feel like we needed it that we could just say “no, thanks”. Our former pest company would send out a postcard (or claim they did) and if we weren’t home would just spray the outside, call it a day and send us an invoice. Mike said they would never do that, and only come by if we requested at the time of the text (if he doesn’t receive an answer from our text, they won’t come out). Overall, a very good first experience. I would recommend Cypress Critters and Pests without hesitation. If you need to see other good experiences with them, check out their yelp page (that’s how I found them), they get very good reviews.
Frank Wisniewski


Cypress Critters and Pests treated my business property and my home this past summer, and I am glad to report that to date, the only bugs I see are dead because the treatment is still working, even after all of the rain we had. Michael is a great guy and does a terrific job. 5 Stars all the way.
Chris F.

Owner, Wrap Worx

Working with a family owned business is 10x better than dealing with Terminix or Orkin. Call Michael, he’s a pro.  Google Reviews
Joe Gavorek.


Mike Gerbino with Cypress Critters and Pests is a great person to work with!! He is knowledgeable, eager and able to help you in anyway possible!!! If you have any pest, rodents or generally unwanted house guests.. Contact Mike!!!!!! Google Review
Stephen Golightly

Homeowner, Texas Pride Cleaning Solutions

We have a large commercial warehouse building in a rural area. The rural part = lots of spiders and bugs. Rheanan came out and gave us a consult for our issue. She was extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what needed to be done to eliminate our problem. We set up an appointment for her to come out and perform the recommended service. She showed up and made those bugs her b!&$%. We saw immediate results and the next morning, there were dead insects in places we did not expect. It has been a few weeks and we continue to see results. We are incredibly impressed with how effective her solution has worked. I recommend Cypress Critters and Pests for any of your commercial or residential needs. We are definitely going to use their service again and will have them out to our home as well. They are very knowledgeable and professional. Plus, the customer service is stellar. Ditch your other guys and call them! Yelp Review
Amanda S.

Owner, Commercial Wharehouse

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Excellent service from Cypress Critters and Pests. Our home was invaded by varmints in our attic, we were very concerned. Michael was very personable and professional. He made his recommendations and took care of all the varmints and squirrels. Thank you, Michael, we are your customers for life.  Thank You!
Gerald Aguirre


Michael is seriously the best! I actually found him on Yelp, in a pinch, due to birds getting into my stove vent duct work. He was so knowledgeable and friendly and really fair with pricing. He responded promptly to my message and came out that same day. We ended up having him do an exclusion on our home to keep other critters out! He is really hard working and is just a person you want to give your business to and refer friends! He took the extra step by going to Home Depot, buying our new stove duct (AND taking our old one home and cleaning it out!!), and helped us install it – the very next day. I would recommend him to anyone needing pest control. I’m honestly going to switch pest control companies (including quarterly maintenance) to have Michael do it, because I can honestly say- I know and trust he will do a great job! Hands down, I would highly recommend!! Google Review
Leslie Dunkin


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